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Individual Psychotherapy

"Carol is a professional with much depth and many layers of awareness and so I find her responsive to my sensitivities and concerns."

"I know you are a very experienced, seasoned counselor, not only an expert psychologist, but also extraordinarily warm and fun and compassionate."

Individual therapy has as a goal "individuation"-- becoming the authentic real you and not merely trying to fit into a mold that parents, society or others set for you: to be the better you that you have the potential to be.

People come to Dr. Weser with as many issues as there are individuals. Included, for example, are: self esteem, transitions, depression, grief, anxiety, sexuality, relationship, divorce, women's concerns, aging, anger, workplace issues and adjustment to the many problems of life.

Dr. Weser has been trained in numerous modalities including:

    Family systems
    Cognitive behavioral
    Brief Therapy
    Mind-body relationship
    Couples work
    Group Process
    Script Analysis

She first discovers what is it you need and then uses the ones most suited to you.

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