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Mediators work as neutral facilitators for two or more clients to help settle disputes, to help them work together to define their issues and determine their priorities. The parties gather the information they need to understand the decisions ahead and Carol Weser, Phd. and Karen Hendrickson, JDDr. Weser facilitates communication, making sure that each person feels safe and engaged, and guides the discussion through negotiation to agreement.

As a Co-Mediator, Dr. Weser works alongside attorney mediator Karen Hendrickson, (see:, or another attorney who assures that people understand the law and can make their own decisions, memorializing the agreement in writing and preparing other pleadings required by the Court. Dr. Weser helps clients with emotional issues and communication challenges. Both Carol and Karen have been trained in the process of working with couples in the divorce process.

This poster from Prague shows that which we seek to prevent through mediation or collaborative process: A child caught in a power struggle between the parents.
This integrative co-mediation conflict resolution process seeks to address all aspects of a dispute — legal, financial, psychological and emotional — while maximizing the odds of a more efficient, cost-effective process and a deeper, more comprehensive and satisfying resolution than might otherwise be available.

Collaborative Practice also helps people achieve a respectful mutual resolution of disputes, including divorce, for the benefit of the children and adults alike, and is ideally a team of attorneys, coaches (all licensed therapists), and a financial neutral to "sit around the kitchen table" and assist in coming to agreement without resorting to the expense and stress of going to court. Dr. Weser is an active Collaborative Coach with Collaborative Council of the Redwood Empire and International Association of Collaborative Professionals. She can help with a divorce or other dispute, find an attorney that is a good match, and meet with you one-on-one, as well as in team meetings with other professionals, providing support throughout the process.



Photo of the Collaborative Council of the Redwood Empire, during a training

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