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"Our marriage might have ended without your help, and that would have been a great loss. You really helped us to deal with our problems in a creative and also practical way. We can't imagine a better marriage counselor than you. We toast you every anniversary!"
Relationships may be among the most difficult human endeavors, but also outstanding opportunities for personal psychological and spiritual growth.

Often couples need an impartial counselor to help them through issues, communication gaps, sexual concerns and child raising quandaries including co-parenting with divorce.

Many couples benefit from instruction on how to have productive arguments rather than destructive fights that carry long term resentments. Others need assistance in invigorating romance, building intimacy (and, yes, friendship), with one another.

Dr. Weser has worked with couples of many sorts, young and old, gay and straight, interethnic and interfaith, without judgment or side-taking.

Most often the couples are married or living together, but sometimes the problems are between siblings, parents and grown children, or friends.

The processes in counseling are similar: problem solving, resolving impasses, communication improvement and learning the delicate balance between change and acceptance.

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