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About Carol Weser

Carol Weser has lived in Sonoma County for almost 40 years. Originally from Manhattan, she retains her New York sense of humor and warmth in communication. She speaks directly and openly, and with compassion. Carol has spent her life studying and helping people. She feels that her varied experiences and interests, as well as any wisdom she has gathered as she gets older, makes her suited for this work that she loves.

Carol loves travel, (even waiting in airports, photo at left), speaks Spanish, some German and French, is interested in history (including prehistoric dolmans, center photo) and photography (her photo of Santorini, photo at right).

Carol is married, and a mother.

Carol played Mama Genie, Mother Nature and a Gargoyle on Dr. Jain Fairfax's PBS children's video, "Mrs. Twizzleton's Magic Garden."

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